Technical support

Our company offers required presale support, consulting services upon customer inquiries, installation and integration and post-sale technical support for all products of software. The staff is trained to provide responsiveness for treatment and handling resolution of any problem, also to provide necessary information.

Due to the fact that Nova.Net company being 100% creator and owner of all presented products, the technical support perfoming in full and with no unnecessary delay.

Every product is provided by free technical support during 3 months since the date of purchase. At the end of this period, the technical support contract must be signed, which is determined by the product, size of the company, number of users and (or) connected devices, distance of the object from Baku, special requirements of customer and other factors.

Technical support assumes only solving problems that are directly associated with Nova.Net products and also includes free product updates during agreement period.

Tech support doesn’t include resolving problems with operating system and other programs that are used on computer or on other device together with Nova.Net products, problems with network connections and internet, virus damages, also problems that caused by unathorized program setting changes from users side. Besides training of new staff, reinstallation the Nova.Net products on old devices or installation on new devices and the database reinstallation are not included to the standart technical support.

The technical support available only with the condition of hight speed internet and remote access to the server with installed Nova.Net products.

NOTE:  Nova.Net Company do not provide the technical support under the terms of one-time service calls, all contracts sign under the terms of monthly or quarterly payment, that do not limit the number of requests and nubmer of updates during the contract period.