Fitness / SPA & other subscribed services solutions

Nova.Net offers complete solution to businesses providing services on subscription basis consisting of range of equipment and software products shown below.

InCard is a management system for fitness, SPA, entertainment center, health club and other similar entities providing subscribed services. CRM option for existing customer database, possibility to create different subscriptions control of customers visits and used services, special promo offers creating and e-mailing/SMS, create necessary reports, business analysis tools and etc.
POS equipment
POS computes, POS touch screen monitors, receipt printers for cashier and different sections - for example, for massage section or SPA section you can install in order to provide ordered services information or print bill directly at location.
Barcode scanners, card-readers and etc for cards of “loyal customer” and other. POS computers ease and speed up information input, necessary product or service search in database, bill preparation and print out.
Access Control Systems
Access control devices using biometrical inputs (eyes retina scanning, fingerprints reading) as well as electronic cards, bracelets and etc. Turnstiles on entrance and exit, magnet and electronic locks and other similar equipment integrated with server parts ensures automatic implementation access rights to different parts of building for staff members and for customers.
Access Control systems allow grant, forbid or limit access for clietns or employees to certain areas or certain departments. They can set not only places where you can enter or not, but also time when you can pass through control.
Integration with InCard allows to automatically apply subscription current status to entrance/exit and different service usage rights of your customers.
Information and payment kiosks
Kiosks and payment terminals, allowing to deep automation of your business, minimizing “human factor” at business processes, especially in cash acceptance and control. Connection with server and integration with InCard allow to get information about payment immediately and consider it by activation of certain subscription or certain service for a customer.
Same time integration with Access Control systems provided immediate change of access rights accordingly to subscription terms.
Video surveillance systems
Equipment for video surveillance, security signalization for providing safe working environment, registering events, control of work of cashier and other departments.
This kind of systems ensure continuous registration of surveyed objects, and you can have access to cameras in live mode as well as to saved video information from local connection or from your laptop or mobile device over an internet connection.
Convenient software allows quickly to find required part of video amongst all stored information.