Sales/Inventory solutions

Nova.Net company offers complex solution for multibranded retail and wholesale enterprises, which include below mentioned systems and equipment.

InShop - Sales and inventory Management allowing control sales flow, goods movement, stock/inventory and provide financial data management
For Multi brand retail organizations having wide range of selling SKUs. Ability to carry operations and reports of several branches or selling points. CRM database management, inventory control based on several parameters, promo actions, seasonal discount programs preparation and etc. This product also allows to provide financial management and get reports crucial for analysis of business activity.
POS equipment
POS computes, POS touch screen monitors, receipt printers, barcode scanners, card-readers and etc. POS computers ease and speed up information input, necessary product or service search in database, bill preparation and print out. Barcode scanners and different type of card readers are important tools for reading customers’ information and other data and part of any Customer Loyalty Program.
Mobile terminals allow to perform fast control and revision of inventories, quick search of required goods and their sales and release.
Access Control equipment
Devices using biometrical inputs (eyes retina scanning, fingerprints reading) as well as electronic cards, bracelets and etc. Turnstiles on entrance and exit, magnet and electronic locks also part of this segment devices.
Access Control systems allow grant, forbid or limit access for clients or employees to certain areas or certain departments. They can set not only places where you can enter or not, but also time when you can pass through control.
Video surveillance and security systems
Equipment for video surveillance, security signalization for providing safe working environment, registering events, control of work of different departments (cashier, seller, reception) and employees.
We can supply analogue as well as digital equipment depending on site requirement and your preferences. This kind of systems ensure continuous registration of surveyed objects, and you can have access to cameras in live mode as well as to saved video information from local connection or from your laptop or mobile device over an internet connection.
You can also acquire specialized cameras for cashier operations control with software allowing event search, face detection and etc.
Tele broadcasting, Digitanl Signage
Advertising and informational digital panels and kiosks (Digital Signage) allowing you to broadcast and translate commercials, promo videos and necessary information to your clients. Displays, terminals communicated with central broadcasting server and translating different type of video quite convenient method of passing information to required auditorium.
IT, Data cabling and connectivity
Data and other type of cables for connection between departments, data hubs, routers, switches – information cabling structure for your company connecting different departments each to other as well as providing communication to your clients
Electric wire cables, distribution panels, electrical automation systems – we can work entire cabling structure of your building with right design and future possibility to control and management – powering on and off required parts of the system. It will allow to cut your electrical bills significantly.
Same time Power protection devices (UPSs, Generators, Voltage stabilizers) protecting your equipment from damage, prolongs its’ lifetime, ensures minimum downtime for your business and your data protection.