Restaurant / Cafe Solutions

Nova.Net offers complete solution to public food and catering providers consisting of range of equipment and software products shown below.

InResto is management system for a restaurant, café and other public food service providing business. Advanced menu preparation tool, dishes contains and price adjustment options, orders receipt and fast processing, tables and other sitting places assignment in hall (or several halls), billing and accounting tools and more – these are features of this product.
InResto also provides CRM for customer database, possibility to prepare and create necessary reports, business analysis tools and etc.
InResto consists of 2 main modules: module for working with clients (FrontOffice) and module of accounting and reporting (BackOffice)
POS equipment
POS computes, POS touch screen monitors, receipt printers for cashier and kitchen. Barcode scanners, card-readers and etc for cards of “loyal customer” and other. POS computers ease and speed up information input, necessary product or service search in database, bill preparation and print out.
If required you can get interaction between waiters and kitchen. POS (receipt) printers installed at kitchen allow kitcheners quickly get information about orders.
IP-telephony let you establish your own Call Center, which gives you wide spectrum of services and possibilities. It is more important and usable tool for companies providing Catering services. IP-telephony provides convenience of communication, orders acceptance and processing, also saves time and money of your company – it significantly reduces mobile and landline telephone expenses.
Video surveillance systems
Equipment for video surveillance, security signalization for providing safe working environment, registering events, control of work of different departments (cashier, waiters, kitchen) and employees.
Registration and storing video let you to watch required event if required. Convenient software allows quickly to find required part of video amongst all stored information.

Tele broadcasting, Interactive TV
Advertising and informational digital panels and kiosks (Digital Signage) allowing you to broadcast and translate commercials, promo videos and necessary information to your clients. Besides tables and racks can be supplied by tablets or any other mobile devices.
Displays, terminals communicated with central broadcasting server and translating different type of video quite convenient method of passing information to required auditorium.
Getting one stop supplier for all required equipment and software products makes their integration and further technical support very convenient and favorable for any customer.