10 reasons why you should work with us

#1 Our products are made accordingly to particular features of local market and business. At the same time Azerbaijan Republic law and legislations considered.

#2 We provide technical support for each of our software product and every problem that may occur can be quickly solved by our staff. Most of our opponents due to fact that they are only representatives of foreign companies can provide only limited technical support or sometimes are unable to provide any sort of that. Besides their technical support prices at least 2-3 times more expensive than ours.

#3 Our team can make customization of any our products accordingly to company specific requirements of company and customers wishes. At competitor companies this process takes much longer time or in some cases is not possible at all.

#4 All our products can be integrated with each other, it means if one facility provides several services the Nova.Net company can support it with software solutions and automation for same customer base, accounting reports and etc. For example if there is gym and restaurant in hotel you can use InOtel-InResto-InCard together.

#5 If required our products can be also integrated with equipment used at customer side (POS, electronic locks, card-readers, access control, telephone systems and etc.). Our competitors have only limited list of equipment their products can be compatible with.

#6 Our software has got three language interface (Az, Ru, En), and user has an ability to switch language at any moment without exiting or restarting the program.

#7 All our products work with Microsoft SQL as a base program for database management. It provides required level of consistency and security to your work.

#8 Nova.Net is official Microsoft partner and our employees passed several trainings and carry different achievement certificates.

#9 Regular software products updates and new functions additions. During the year new versions are designed and we provide free updates for our customers, who subscribed to our technical support. New versions made with consideration of market changes and customers’ feedbacks.

#10 Our company can provide IT, network, monitoring, access control, security and POS-equipment, that’s why each our client is eligible to receive full and complete solution from us.