Hotel Management System

This is a multi-user database system for management and control of the hotel and other hospitality service providers’ (motels, hostels, pensions and etc) activity, giving convenient recording and management of rooms, hotel services and providing efficient working style with customers.
Software has flexible room booking system, guests’ services quick control, payment status and rooms’ conditions control tools. Reservation department and hotel employees can apply different rooms booking types, assign different daily rates depending on week days, season and possible special terms for certain customers.
Additional tools control and billing of telephone calls, internet, PayTV, integration with electronic locks and other would make InOtel convenient for any administration and management. Cash flow records and control of cash operations realizes opportunity of getting live information about current cash status.
InOtel provides management to define different credentials and software usage rights to different employees (each employee has his own user name and password). It allows to keep track of records of employees’ activities what protects your business from possible fraud and abuse.
In additon CRM and other tools make InOtel necessary and sufficient solutions for any entity working in hospitality segment – from small hostels to Lux class hotels.
Besides of above stated one of InOtel’s distinctive features (as well of other Nova.Net products) – possibility to create range of different reports for getting full picture of business activity and acquiring proper analysis in order to work out future development plans.
Special MultiOtel Module allows to merge reservation and other services of several hotels and control their activity from one point. Hotel administrators and management can have permanent access to business data from any point of the world at any time.