Subscribed Services Management

InCard purpose is provide convenient management and automation of business procedures at companies, providing subscribed services, such as fitness clubs, entertainment centers, user clubs, renting services and similar.

It allows your clients use your services on subscription basis – they will get certain time range (it can be single usage, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual subscription) approved ticket. InCard will control subscription usage, upon requirement customers entrance and exit can be also managed accordingly to their subscription terms and conditions.
InCard lets you prepare bills for used services, control cash operations and cash flow and some control of staff actions.
CRM module allows to carry active interaction with customers – you can work out promo actions, discounts for loyal customers. It also has avility to intehrate with existing Customer Loyalty Program. You can also set up information and offers automatic distribution to customers’ database (by SMS or e-mail).
InCard can be integrated with card readers, barcode scanners, access control systems and other equipment used at your facility. In case of hotel and other hospitality segment institutions InCard can be integrated with InOtel for efficient work with customers and providing proper accounting and reporting. InCard is multi-user product, managing person can define different rights and access levels to each of employees.
Customer database management is handled by Microsoft SQL what adds necessary reliability and security to the system.
Customization options and integration with different equipment make InCard flexible solution, which can be used not only at standard subscribed service providers’ facilities, but at more specialized entities, providing this kind of services.