Hotel solutions

Nova.Net offers complete solution to businesses providing hospitality services consisting of range of equipment and software products shown below.

Electrical wiring and distribution, power back-up
Electric wire cables, distribution panels, lighting systems, electrical switches, electrical automation systems – we can work entire cabling structure of your building with right design and future possibility to control and management – powering on and off required parts of the system. It will allow to increase systems stability and security level, cut your electrical bills and reduce maintenance cost of your electrical equipment significantly.
Same time Power protection devices (UPSs, Generators, Voltage stabilizers) protects your equipment from damage, prolongs its’ lifetime and ensures minimum downtime for your business and data protection.
InOtel is system for management and control of the hotel and other hospitality service providers’ (motels, hostels, pensions and etc) activity, giving convenient recording and management of rooms, hotel services and providing efficient working style with customers.
Software has flexible room booking system, and provides possibility of quick control of status services used by guests, payment status and rooms’ conditions control tools.
Additional tools control and billing of telephone calls, internet, PayTV, integration with electronic locks and other would make InOtel convenient for any administration and management. Cash flow records and control of cash operations realizes opportunity of getting live information about current cash status.
IP-telephony and other communication
Solutions for providing voice communications inside of hotel and for outside connection, also data communication based on analogue and digital technology. Provision of inernet connection (cabled and wireless) for hotel staff as well as for hotel quests.
Integration with InOtel management system for CRM functions utilization and for billing of communication services – all of these let increase service and customers’ satisfaction level.
IP-telephony based CallCenter solution can be used in large hotels, also for unified booking and information system of hotels chain.
Besides usage similar systems and other modern technology based solutions raise your hotel’s quality level and may affect on increase numner of stars.
Video surveillance and security systems
Equipment for video surveillance, security signalization for providing safe working environment f0r your hotel, guests comfort and safety. Here you can add voice signaling systems for rooms and other hotel areas (lobby, conference halls, restaurants and etc.)
You can have access to cameras in live mode and control your business and staff from any mobile device or computer from anywhere in a world.
Continuous video registration of events with having possibility to play them back if required. Convenient software allows quickly to find required part of video amongst all stored information.
Access Control equipment
Devices using biometrical inputs (eyes retina scanning, fingerprints reading) as well as electronic cards, bracelets and etc. Turnstiles on entrance and exit, magnet and electronic locks also part of this segment devices.
Access Control systems allow grant, forbid or limit access for clients or employees to certain areas or certain departments. They can set not only places where you can enter or not, but also time when you can pass through control.
Having different technology access devices reading options (barcodes, mifare, RFID) makes them widely usable.
For Resort type hotels with beach clubs, water and other outdoor entertainment facilities there solutions with electronic bracelets, giving pass to certain areas, also possibility to register services used and their payment confirmation without cash.
Tele broadcasting, Interactive TV
Advertising and informational digital panels and kiosks (Digital Signage) allowing you to broadcast and translate commercials, promo videos and necessary information to your clients.
Hotels can get equipment for satellite and cable TV channels broadcast in rooms, also special services like Pay TV, interactive services – current bill information, room service ordering, laundry, alarm, weather conditions and etc.
Possibility to connect multimedia devices of quests – mobile phones, tablets, laptops for direct playback.