Our Company

Nova.Net is a private company established in 2006 by Azerbaijani programmers, designing and producing software allowing to automate business process of any level of difficulty on the enterprises of different types.

Nova.Net is 100% Azerbaijan company with local owners and employees. Our programmers have comprehensive experience in software design and have participated in many software projects in the country as direct or indirect contractors and it allowed to gain decent experience in the software/automation projects.
The company has acquired considerable experience in developing of the unique corporate informational systems according to the customer’s requirements, as well as developing of high-quality integrated solutions carrying out the business cycle relations existing in the enterprise, which resulted in creating by Nova.Net ready software products for different business applications.
Besides high qualification level of our programmers we in our company offer consulting and business optimization services and if required our employees take part on all stages of software production from A to Z. Our software design covers all stages from defining customer’s requirements, technical prequalification to actual software production, implementation and future updates and technical support.
Besides software and automation products our company is able to provide necessary equipment for each requirement, what allows to offer complete customized solution for business optimization, and correct management of company’s resources and activities. Taking into consideration customers’ complete needs and providing solutions based on particular requirements increase efficiency of each penny you spent for this purpose.
Our approach is help you either in creating new integrated management system for the enterprise, OR reorganization the existing one, which can solve any of your problems: whether they are complex solutions, automation of business processes or implementing of corporate standard of information management etc. All this eventually leads to reduction of your expenses and increase your income.